Game Development is HARD

I spent over a year as a beginner dev trying to figure out how to make a successful Roblox game. And finally after developing my skills I have accumulated over 500,000 visits and over 1 Million Robux.

"Bought the low poly asset pack, its great came out how I expected it and fits well into my game. Recommend buying it if you don't know how to use blender!"

-Tehleat (Low Poly Asset pack)

"5/5 Stars... system works perfectly. Got a few things needed to be fix but they made it better... Blessed I seen your video ngl."

- Jaquan (Egg System 1.0)

"I have used your pet system in game and I consider it a work of art. You are definitely going to be an extremely successful dev in the future."

- Ryansmithsoniansvideos5608 (Egg System 1.1)

"Youtubers always put assets or at least good assets behind a pay wall. I am genuinely surprised you care about the community and want to help out!"

- f1uuter (Free Asset Pack)

Here's What People Say...

Innovating & Upgrading Roblox Games

With Industry-Leading Assets & Templates


- Full Clicker Game File

- Full Tycoon Game File

- Full Obby Game File

- Simulator System Pack

- Leaderboard System Kit

- Pet Index Kit

- Pets Kit

- Hoverboard Kit (soon)



- All fully custom Assets

- High quality and Optimized

- Free download with zero information required

- Fan Made Assets

Free Assets + Essential Packs + Game Templates

But we made it easy...

Using our templates, Sushiwi Studios made 400k robux in their first month.

Will you do the same?

ShopDeHapy provides assets and other resources that are easy to implement and customize.
(earnings in past year)

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