QBit and I attempted to make this leaderboard as easy to understand as possible, with notes on nearly every line of code explaining what each line does and which parts you can customize.

- 2 Epic Leaderboard models
- Awesome customizable UI with player's rank, picture, username, and stats
- Easily make and edit new leaderboards
- Set up chat tags
- Optimized to work with many players and leaderboards efficiently
- Have numbers up to infinity with extremely high accuracy
- Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, reset options
- Change settings including: Title, Value, RanksShown, FrameColor, ChatTags, Version, ResetTime and more
- Easily add code to run when players rank on the leaderboards, and easily detect their position on any leaderboard at any time
- You can do everything with settings!
- Comes with: Already set up game with leaderboards, and folder to add into any game
- Client Side UI: no interference from other players
- Shows immediately when game starts, and updates efficiently

Test the leaderboard here: BUTTON SIMULATOR